Introducing infrared thermometer to accurately measure temperature
- 2019-03-20-

Infrared thermometer

Probe emissivity

Emissivity is a measure of an object's ability to radiate infrared energy. The radiated energy indicates the temperature of the object. Emissivity can range from 0 (bright mirror) to 1.0 (black body). Learn about emissivity and emissivity values for various materials.

Probe environmental conditions

Pay attention to the environmental conditions in the work area. Steam, dust, smoke, etc. can obstruct the lens of the device and then hinder accurate measurement. Before starting the installation, other conditions such as noise, electromagnetic fields, or vibration should be considered. Maintaining the housing, air purification, and air or water cooling maintain the sensors to ensure accurate measurements.

Probe field of view

Ensure that the infrared thermometer's guidelines are larger than the spot size that the device is measuring. The smaller the policy, the closer you should be. When accuracy is particularly important, ensure that the guidelines are at least twice the size of the light spot.

Ambient temperature

If the infrared thermometer is exposed to a sudden environment with a temperature difference greater than 20 ° C, please keep it at least 2 minutes for 0 minutes to allow it to adapt to the new ambient temperature. JTCIN high temperature thermometer fixed sensor has optimized function planning for special ambient temperature range.

Infrared thermometer supply