What are the advantages of thermal imagers in various fields
- 2019-03-31-

Thermal imaging camera imaging skills are used in many areas such as medical and health, aerospace, and flaw detection, because thermal imaging cameras have many advantages. The dry flow thermal imagers used in the civilian market have the advantages of simple structure, powerful functions, and rapid temperature measurement. So, what are the advantages of using a thermal imager in other fields?

Thermal imagers are often used in safety guessing of industrial furnaces, high temperature refractory materials, etc. Safety guessing refers to early detection of equipment abnormalities, and then adopting timely and appropriate remedial measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce losses. For large-scale equipment, it is of great significance to use a thermal imager to perform online monitoring during its operation. The thermal imager also exerts its own advantages in the field of medical and health. When part of the human body may be affected by the whole body, the metabolism and blood circulation of the human body will change. Such changes will destroy the temperature balance of the corresponding part of the human body. Change is considered an important goal in the diagnosis of human pathology. The use of thermal imaging cameras to check the temperature of various parts of the human body will provide an important basis for the study of certain specific diseases. For the quality monitoring of many products, the temperature distribution of the product must be strictly controlled, so the thermal imager is often used to detect the temperature field distribution of the product. For example, drying detection of pulp, temperature control of glass making, integrated circuit design, etc. In the field of scientific research, thermal imaging cameras also have their own advantages. For example, a thermal imager can measure the temperature of a flame and accurately measure the emissivity of an object. It can be said that the thermal imager has helped many scientists achieve good results in experimental discussions. For a long time, thermal imagers have become one of the important methods to ensure the safety of industrial products. Many occupations in China's electric power, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and coal are also widely used.

In addition, the infrared thermal imager can not only realize real-time detection under high temperature, high pressure, high speed, etc., but also does not require the user to turn off the power or stop the machine, and can find potential problems in the equipment and prevent equipment accidents. The non-contact inspection skills of a thermal imager are safe, fast and reliable. Compared to traditional detection methods, thermal imaging cameras are undoubtedly a skill revolution.