Application of Infrared Camera in Overheat Detection of Transformer
- 2019-02-27-

Transformers are important equipment of power supply systems. Their failures are initially accompanied by local or overall temperature abnormalities. The application of the infrared thermal imaging camera's working principle can easily and safely detect and diagnose equipment failures to ensure equipment safety and long-term operation .

Infrared camera applied to transformer

1. Infrared cameras generally have the following applications:

a) Detect overheating caused by poor joint connection, bolts, washers not tight or over-tightened.

b) The current transformer and voltage transformer will cause oil shortage or false oil level due to oil leakage. Due to the large difference in the thermal and physical parameters of the medium above and below the oil surface, a significant temperature gradient corresponding to the oil level will be generated on the outer surface of the device. It can also be found by infrared detection methods.

c) Local overheating of the testing equipment due to overheating / three-phase imbalance / resonance.

d) Detecting partial overheating of the iron core caused by poor quality of the cores or local insulation damage between the pieces.

2. The infrared camera captures a digital photo and fuses it together, which helps to identify and locate the fault, so that the fault can be repaired correctly in the first time.

3. The infrared camera is equipped with powerful software for storing and analyzing thermal images and generating professional reports. Through this software, key parameters such as emissivity, reflection temperature compensation, and color palette stored in the image downloaded from the thermal imager can be adjusted, and these can be performed in the office, improving the safety and convenience of inspection.