Application of Infrared Camera in Process Operation
- 2019-02-21-

■ Overheating of the bearing will directly lead to motor failure, resulting in sudden interruption of the production line. However, the bearing runs at a fast speed and cannot use a contact thermometer. The infrared camera can detect the temperature of the bearing through non-contact means and find the bearing in time. Overheating fault to ensure normal production.

■ Although the storage tank has a liquid level gauge to control the liquid level, the failure of the liquid level gauge will lead to empty tanks and full filling, which will cause a sudden interruption of production or a tank overflow accident, causing huge losses; the thermal imager can be directly on the surface The liquid level line is photographed to help the equipment maintenance staff to find the faulty level gauge in time, or to carry out in-depth inspection on the tank with obvious deviation in storage capacity to avoid potential danger.

■ Boilers and combustion furnaces have high operating temperatures, which can cause personal injury and death when certain faults occur; inspections through thermal imaging report some high temperature points that indicate potential faults.

■ Using an infrared camera to carry out daily thermal measurements on ladle, torpedo tanker and other equipment and / or components with refractory materials, and high-power motors that drive finishing mills, can save costs, help improve product quality, and save Time and cost.