Application of Infrared Thermal Imager in Car Parts
- 2018-11-24-

1. Inspection of fuel nozzle combustion power

Use the infrared thermal imager to review the combustion power of the fuel nozzle. During the inspection process, the infrared thermal imager, the fuel nozzle and all parts of the site are consistent. Through software calculations, the uniform energy of the flame radiation in the infrared thermal image can be obtained. Used to evaluate the effectiveness of this fuel nozzle.


The use of infrared cameras can directly flash the operation of the entire tire, reflecting the working function of the tire. When planning and producing tires, the tire planning engineer can choose different materials to improve the function of the tires according to the pressure and resistance required.

3.Brake pads

The brake pad assumes that the temperature is too high, and its power will decrease. During sudden braking, the severe resistance will cause the temperature of the brake discs and brake pads to reach 1000 ° C. It is assumed that too strong resistance data will lead to accelerated wear of the brake disc, and the brake pads may crack or fall during emergency braking, which eventually leads to brake failure.

Using a thermal imager, engineers can thoroughly understand the temperature change trend of the entire brake pads and brake system. Based on this temperature change trend, the brake pad braking conditions and wear resistance can be analyzed.

4. Electric heating seat detection

Because the uneven distribution of the heating source may cause uneven heating of the seat, and also because the temperature rises too quickly or too slowly, these conditions will bring uncomfortable feeling to the human body. The infrared camera can be used to visually and easily observe the uniform temperature distribution and temperature rise trend during the operation of the heating source. The continuous shooting function is used to analyze the electric heating wire on the disparate and same-time thermal image to improve the heating Method planning, safer and more comfortable for users.

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