Matching infrared thermometer

Matching infrared thermometer

Product Details

CIT-2U economic supporting infrared thermometer

CIT-2U economic matching laser ring aiming infrared thermometer is a linear infrared temperature sensor in the middle temperature section. It has a high index laser ring sight. Its main features are:

● Laser ring aiming with real measurement area indication, the lens can be adjusted to focus-can accurately aim and measure;

● Four-wire system with protection, power supply and output are completely isolated-prevent interference, prevent wiring errors or high voltage damage;

● Includes microprocessor and dedicated IC for high-precision acquisition and output-intelligent, highly integrated, and highly reliable;

● The analog output interface can be switched --- it is convenient to directly connect with various standard instruments and equipment;

● Strong anti-smoke and water vapor ability; can work reliably under strong electric and magnetic fields such as medium and high frequency induction heating,

High-quality far-infrared temperature measurement procurement

Application: supporting hot processing equipment such as hot-press sintering machines and welding machines; furnaces, induction heating, surface coating, sheet, bar production and other industries

Performance parameters:

Shape and bracket size: