High-performance infrared thermal imager

High-performance infrared thermal imager

Product Details

C series high performance infrared thermal imager

C series products are designed by professional users of infrared temperature measurement industry. They use infrared detectors with high sensitivity and higher resolution to provide clearer infrared images and higher temperature measurement accuracy. Complemented by the Android operating system, large screen display and rotatable lens structure, it is easy to use and powerful. It can also collect visible and infrared images simultaneously, and display the key observation positions in picture-in-picture or MIF. At the same time, through the open Android platform application, it can be extended into a multi-purpose mobile infrared thermal imaging application platform.
High-resolution imaging, accurate temperature measurement

· Maximum 640 × 480 pixel infrared focal plane array detector, high sensitivity, auto focus, fast capture of high-definition infrared images The screen provides a more intuitive and perfect observation image, and a more comfortable operating experience. 5 million-pixel visible light lens and LED auxiliary light, which can also obtain better shooting results when the light is insufficient.

No dead angle observation, more free operation

· Rotatable design, display rotates 270 °, lens rotates up 70 °
· The technology perfectly solves the durability and reliability of the rotating shaft, and can be stopped at any angle during the rotation. · It is convenient for users to quickly find the ideal operating angle, allowing you to easily deal with complex environments. · Excellent ergonomic design, which can greatly Reduce fatigue from long-term holding

Convenient Wi-Fi mobile internet function

· All series of products are equipped with Wi-Fi modules as standard, which can be connected to mobile devices to achieve data transmission and parameter settings and Wi-Fi printing. · Wireless connection with the product through Wi-Fi, to achieve multi-screen control, real-time sharing of infrared pictures, Analysis export and print infrared report

Rich built-in and extended functions of intelligent operating system

· Using Android operating system, built-in a variety of practical functions, the machine has powerful analysis and reporting capabilities. · Based on the open Android platform, with the use of mobile terminal APP and special analysis software, it can provide richer application extension functions

Multiple image modes, dual video recording

· Full infrared, all visible light, picture-in-picture, MIF four image display modes to fully meet your observation needs · The first use of MIF image patented technology to make important details such as numbers, text, labels or small temperature differences clearly visible Record infrared image and visible light image synchronously. The local SD card can easily store thousands of images and support return visit analysis at any time.

Multiple focal length lenses available

· Equipped with a high-precision 25mm germanium lens, with optional telephoto and wide-angle lenses. · Auto and motorized focusing to maximize the advantages of high-resolution FPA detectors.

Professional PC analysis software

The dedicated analysis software on the PC side will help you perform professional comprehensive analysis and post-processing on the original infrared thermal image captured by the thermal imager, and achieve unified management of resource information. The software interface is human-computer friendly, powerful, easy to operate, and can automatically generate output analysis reports.
Multiple image / video import methods: SD card, FTP, USB
· Powerful image processing capabilities: image enhancement, analysis object addition, etc. · Supports real-time video streaming / video playback, which can track the maximum / minimum temperature · Material analysis and report generation: optional report templates, free editing, etc.

Mobile APP, smart and convenient

With the use of the mobile terminal APP, you can import images or videos to a mobile device (phone or tablet), process and analyze them, and instantly generate inspection reports and share them with others. Remote control of the camera is also possible. You can complete the basic operations of the thermal imager on the mobile terminal, such as autofocus, electronic zoom, shutter action, image mode switching, palette switching, etc.
· Image and video wireless two-way transmission · Remote control of camera operation

Technical Parameters

C series




Detector resolution

384 × 288

640 × 480

Wavelength range

8 ~ 14um





Frame rate


Focusing method

Electric / Automatic

Standard lens (field of view / F-number)

21.7 ° × 16.4 ° / 25mm / F1.0

24.6 ° × 18.5 ° / 25mm / F1.0

Extended lens (field of view / F-number)

40.5 ° × 31 ° / 13mm / F1.1 / 0.15m

45.4 ° × 34.9 ° / 13mm / F1.1 / 0.1m

10.0 ° × 7.5 ° / 55mm / F1.1 / 2m

11.3 ° × 8.5 ° / 55mm / F1.1 / 1.5m

6.7 ° × 5.1 ° / 85mm / F1.2 / 5m

7.3 ° × 5.5 ° / 85mm / F1.2 / 5m

High temperature lens

Minimum focusing distance

25mm / 0.4m, 13mm / 0.15m, 55mm / 2m

25mm / 0.3m, 13mm / 0.1m, 55mm / 1.5m

Spatial resolution mrad

25mm / 0.99, 13mm / 1.84, 55mm / 0.45

25mm / 0.67, 13mm / 1.24, 55mm / 0.31

LCD display

5 ", 1280 × 720 high-brightness touch screen


1280 × 960 LCOS screen

Brightness contrast

Auto / Manual / Lock

Picture mode

Infrared / visible light / picture in picture / MIF

Digital zoom

1.1 ~ 4 × stepless zoom

1.1 ~ 10 × stepless zoom

Color palette



Temperature measurement range

Gear 1: -20 ℃ ~ 150 ℃; Gear 2: 150 ℃ ~ 800 ℃, optional 2000 ℃

Temperature measurement accuracy

± 2 ℃ or ± 2% (take the maximum value)

± 1 ° C or ± 1%, whichever is greater (limiting temperature) ± 2 ° C or ± 2% (whichever is greater)

Spot temperature measurement

5 o'clock

8 o'clock

10 O'Clock

Analysis Object Storage


Analysis objects can be saved with the image (point, line area)

Automatic tracking

Highest or lowest temperature

Highest and lowest temperatures


Up and down

Up, down and interval

Temperature alarm

Image and sound

Image format

JPG or with raw data

Image storage

Built-in 16G, external SD card 16G (up to 32G)

Voice note

60 seconds

Text comment

Soft keyboard input

Image parameter saving


analysis report

PDF format

Report printing

Wi-Fi printing

Video format

H.264 (with temperature information)

Picture storage

Store manually

Hardware module

Visible light, 5 million, lighting, laser, WIFI, microphone (adjustable volume), speaker (adjustable volume), electronic compass, GPS, light sensor, Bluetooth (C640Pro only)

External Interface

Micro USB2.0, SD card, Gigabit Ethernet, tripod, Mini HDMI


Rechargeable lithium battery (in accordance with UN38.3 certification); 4 hours of work (comprehensive working time)

Sleep mode


Operating temperature

-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ (eyepiece -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃)

storage temperature

-40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃


2g, IEC 60068-2-6

Protection class





206mm × 145mm × 135mm