Red Imager

Red Imager

Product Details

DM60 (-20 ℃ ~ 500 ℃) * Standard infrared thermal imager *

Product Features

◆ 384 x 288 uncooled detector

◆ Full real-time display

◆ Front-end temperature measurement, accurate temperature measurement

◆ MPEG4 network video digital storage and transmission

◆ Auto Focus

◆ Rich interfaces for easy integration

◆ Free SDK Development Kit


DM60 series is a 384 × 288 pixel uncooled focal plane in-line infrared thermal imager. The product has compact structure, small size, light weight, ruggedness, high sensitivity, clear images, accurate temperature measurement, flexible control, etc. It can meet the needs of non-contact temperature measurement, rapid fault detection and thermal field analysis in the process state detection field of industries such as industry, power, and electronics.

Performance parameter



Detector performance

Detector type

Uncooled focal plane micro-heat type


384 × 288

Pixel size



8 ~ 14μm

Image performance

Spatial resolution


Field of View / Minimum Focal Length

16 ° × 12 ° / 0.5m

Thermal sensitivity


Frame rate

50 / 60HZ


Automatic / manual electrical focusing

Temperature measurement function

Temperature measurement range

-20 ℃ ~ + 500 ℃

Temperature correction

automatic / manual


± 2 ℃ or ± 2% (reading range), whichever is greater

Temperature measurement mode

Real time 4 movable points, 3 movable areas (highest temperature, lowest temperature capture, average temperature measurement), line temperature measurement, isothermal analysis, temperature difference measurement, temperature alarm (color)

Color palette

11 color palettes to choose from (including iron red, rainbow, black and white, black and white inversion, etc.)

Image adjustment

Auto / manual adjustment of contrast and brightness

Setting function

Temperature unit ℃ / ° F / K, language, IP address

Emissivity correction

0.01 to 1.0 adjustable emissivity

Background temperature correction

Automatic, based on entered background temperature

Atmospheric transmittance correction

Automatic, according to the input target distance, relative humidity, ambient temperature

Image storage

Raw image acquisition

The back end manually collects a single frame of raw data images, and the collected data images can be analyzed and temperature can be measured

Image storage

MPEG-4 image recording / original image transmission, single photo saving, BMP format

Power system

External power

10 ~ 15V DC

Power consumption

≤6W (when working at 25 ℃)

Environmental parameters

Operating temperature

-15 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃

storage temperature

-40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃



Physical properties


≤1.09Kg (excluding lens)


260mm × 92mm × 82mm


Power interface

Analog video output PAL / NTSC
Digital video output RJ-45 Ethernet output, MPEG4 digital video / raw temperature measurement data
Serial port RS485 output
Network port RJ-45 Ethernet link for image, data output, instrument control, etc.

Alarm interface

Digital alarm output

Detailed interface